110 Reasons

There are many reasons why our students, Collegians, staff and families treasure being a part of our vibrant and united global community.
We will highlight 110 of these reasons in 2017 by releasing a selection each week.

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110 I love that MLC allows us to forge our own legacy; today, tomorrow, together.

Current Student | Olivia Bartlett | Year 12 | 2017 Head Prefect
109 I like our school motto, Per Ardua Ad Alta; through striving to the heights.

Current student | Amelie Jayasundera | Year 6
108 I love the vibe at MLC.

Current student | Ruby Ostler | Year 8
107 I value this close-knit community and the relationships I've created within in.

Current student | Beth Pollastri | Year 11
106 MLC gives us the opportunity to try new things and challenge ourselves.

Current student | Jade Alcock | Year 8
105 I like the choice of electives we're given to help us dictate our future.

Current student | Julia Longworth | Year 10
104 I like the atmosphere of the school.

Current student | Charlotte House | Year 6
103 I love MLC because we are taught everything in a fun way.

Current student | Olivia Bentley Year 3
102 I value the warmth and can-do attitude of all staff members.

Staff member | Nicky Craig
101 I love the view of the river that we get to see every morning.

Current student | Amy Bantock | Year 10
100 MLC is the best school in the world!

Current student | Sophia Woodley | Year 4
99 My family members have been coming to MLC since the 1920s so I feel like I'm a part of tradition.

Current student | Claudia Rose Jones | Year 6
98 All students are valued, supported and loved.

Staff member | Tanya Franz
97 I love all of the events; Heather Lamont Festival, Sports Carnivals and Boarders' Weekend.

Current student | Libby Rayner | Year 8
96 I have been welcomed to MLC with open arms and smiling faces.

Current student | Jemeeka Leigh | Year 8
95 I value the Boarding House and the inclusive nature of the boarders.

Current student | Kristy Rendell | Year 11
94 I love that you can be yourself.

Current student | Ella Tremain | Year 3
93 I love when people sing on the Great Court and just the little things that make each day different and exciting.

Current student | Sam O'Clery | Year 11
92 I value the MLC attitude to always give your best.

Current student | Lottie Kerr | Year 6
91 MLC Equips women with the skills and resources to be whatever they wish to be.

Collegian | Katherine Ng 1992
90 I value how I can express my individuality.

Current Student | Kimble McKiever | Year 12
89 MLC students have courage.

Current student | Stephanie Carcenac | Year 5
88 I value the family, friends and the amazing emphasis on learning in beautiful surroundings where we were happy to be every day.

Collegian | Joanne Wisdom (Bennett) 1992
87 The teachers will do anything to help us succeed and reach our goals.

Current Student | Alana Keogh | Year 12
86 I value the forever friends!

Collegian | Nikki Saggers (Rawlins) 1987
85 I love having fun in the Learning Support Centre.

Current Student | Sophie Kotkis | Year 11
84 I really enjoy dancing at MLC because I’m good at dancing.

Current student | Erin Hemery | Year 5
83 I value MLC’s ability to highlight and celebrate every girl’s individual talents and skills.

Current Student | Iman Welsh | Year 11
82 There is a genuine interest in students and their well-being.

Staff member | Dell Lussick
81 There’s a place for everyone at MLC.

Current student | Oxana Mamchur | Year 7
80 I value the connection to a second home.

Collegian | Claire Vinnicombe (Heath) 1989
79 I value the endless opportunities for exceptional experiences.

Current Student | Jacquie Rough | Year 12
78 MLC teaches students to be innovative, creative and responsible.

Current student | Betty Wang | Year 10
77 I value the friendships, the acceptance, the love and the wonderful education.

Collegian | Ann Kay (Goh) 1972
76 I like the library and its large collection of books.

Current Student | Catherine Eliott-Lockhart | Year 11
75 I love playing on the oval with my friends.

Current student | Sofia Bonev | Year 2
74 I love being part of a community that values empathy, collaboration, innovation and care.

Staff member | Karen Hole
73 I love that all students are fully immersed in a rich and unique culture.

Current Student | Genie Spadaccini | Year 12
72 At MLC we celebrate the present and past. We learn and we grow, making memories that last.

Current Student | Chana Van Wyk | Year 10
71 MLC provided a base and connected me to something wonderful.

Collegian | Angela Dring (Kelsall) 1987
70 I like how everyone says ‘hi’ or smiles at me.

Current Student | Ciara Smith | Year 12
69 There is a bond and a homecoming when I meet another MLC girl or step onto campus.

Collegian | Susan Watson (Owens) 1986
68 Everyone at MLC is so friendly. I made five friends on my first day.

Current Student | Georgina Godfrey | Year 7
67 MLC is supporting a new generation of accomplished, empowered and community-minded young women.

Staff member | Natalie Bompard
66 I like the powerful messages that Ms Cody says to everyone.

Current Student | Lulu Barich | Year 5
65 I like that MLC students are able to be very independent.

Current student | Sophie Price | Year 7
64 Every MLC girl is such a privilege to teach. We have remarkable moments in class every day.

Staff member | Jodie Lambert
63 I like MLC because when I need help, someone is there to help me and when I feel sad someone will cheer me up.

Current student | Sophie Wu | Year 7
62 MLC gave me the resilience and courage to do anything I set my mind to.

Collegian | Margaret McLeod 1986
61 Students at MLC are a united front. We support and encourage each other to strive to the heights.

Current student | Amy Thomas | Year 8
60 I love how MLC’s dance and drama curriculum provides a fun and creative space to find new ways of expressing ourselves.

Current student | Chanel Kafetzis | Year 6
59 MLC makes me feel calm. MLC gives me friendship. MLC has nice buildings. MLC gives me joy.

Current student | Kaitlyn Ng | Year 2
58 I cried buckets when Mum and Dad dropped me off, then I cried buckets when I left.

Collegian | Pam O’Connell (Morton) 1959
57 I’m inspired by the way that all MLC girls are connected through four common values; integrity, mastery, enterprise and justice.

Current student | Savannah Rogers | Year 7
56 As a boarder I felt my horizons were broadened.

Collegian | Jill Jones (Saw) 1972
55 I value MLC’s commitment to play-based learning and providing a holistic education.

Staff member | Katie Arthur
54 I love helping the girls to reach their potential.

Staff member | Marina Goff
53 You never feel alone at MLC. Even if you're new, everyone makes you feel like you're part of a team.

Current Student | Saesha Grover | Year 7
52 I like the camaraderie and spirit of MLC girls.

Current student | Ines Hutchinson | Year 10
51 MLC is a place that truly upholds its Vision, Values and goals.

Past parent | Marcus Carne
50 I value our wonderful students who have such an appetite for knowledge.

Staff member | Liz Mayhew
49 MLC gives me the opportunity to push myself to the limits and see what I can achieve.

Current student | Chelsea Francis | Year 11
48 MLC gave me the opportunity to try dance, orchestra, singing, cross country, basketball, volunteer and leadership work.

Collegian | Brittany Suann 2015
47 Every morning I go to school and I get very excited because I see my friends. Also they have good play dough there.

Current student | Celina Louise Bone | Pre-Primary
46 I value that MLC is a water wise school and that it is very green and has lots of trees.

Current student | Lola May Oakey | Year 6
45 I like how we learn different subjects like Chinese, Music, Drama, Dance, Physical Education, Religious Studies and many more!

Current student | Charlotte Dockray | Year 4
44 I value the holistic approach to learning. Particularly religious studies classes where we learn about faith and ethics in an open and engaging environment.

Current student | Eliza Smith | Year 11
43 I value the enduring friendships formed lying on the lawn overlooking the river.

Collegian | Maeve Sweeney (Buchanan) 1978
42 My sister sometimes gets to play with me even though she is in Kindergarten. It’s like my family is everywhere at MLC.

Current student | Harper Scott | Year 1
41 MLC allows you to dream big, learn, grow and live your life on purpose.

Current student | Destanee Liu | Year 6
40 I value the diverse and harmonious atmosphere at MLC – a place where whoever you are, you are made to feel welcome and supported.

Current student | Fiona Parsons | Year 10
39 I value being a role model for young women, and being part of a team that educates young women who are inspired to learn.

Staff member | Gemma Morris
38 I like being in such a caring environment where life-long friendships flourish.

Current student | Georgina Ashworth | Year 11
37 I don’t like MLC, I love MLC!

Current student | Lilly Bassett | Year 7
36 I value the opportunity to tour different countries and experience the diversity of new cultures.

Current student | Jaime Dunn | Year 10
35 I am continually moved by the immense energy being devoted to every girl, giving them the motivation to shine.

Collegian and current parent | Imogen Mirmikidis (Buttsworth) 1992
34 I love that everyone is so virtuous and we always strive to the heights.

Current student | Audrey Degenaar | Year 5
33 We were equipped with skills, but more importantly, with the belief that we could take on the world and make our mark.

Collegian | Jenny Swan (Weir) 1972
32 I value being a part of an innovative, inspiring and invigorating team.

Staff Member | Tessa Zani
31 Some of my family went to MLC, so I feel connected to the College and its amazing history in a special way.

Current Student | Caitlin Tremain | Year 6
30 I value the fact that MLC cares about the whole person.

Current Student | Eva Terry | Year 7
29 I value that I grew up without ever questioning that I could be whatever I wanted to be.

Collegian | Karen Dorfman (Shepherd) 1985
28 I like playing outside at The Village and running on the oval with my hair swishing.

Current Student | Emily Bentley | Year 1
27 At MLC you can make friends from all over the world.

Current student | Xinwe Li | Year 7
26 No student is left behind!

Staff member | Louise Andony
25 MLC taught me to think critically and encouraged me to question.

Collegian | Sally Ingham 1972
24 MLC is developing well-rounded individuals who will make a significant mark on local, national and global communities.

Staff member | Amanda Hopps
23 I like MLC because you can be yourself.

Current student | Neethika Unni | Year 5
22 MLC teaches girls to take a leap of faith and back themselves.

Collegian | Renee Gibbs (Winteridge) 1995
21 When you walk through the MLC gates you feel like you belong here.

Current student | Ella Hogan | Year 7
20 MLC allows you to find your passion - then shine in it.

Collegian | Nicolle Jenkins 1990
19 I am proud that we stand up for women and encourage female empowerment.

Current student | Shenali Punchihewa | Year 11
18 MLC has given me so many opportunities. From being a munchkin in The Wizard of Oz in Year 4, to taking part in IGSSA sports.

Current student | Kasey Piggott | Year 8
17 Great memories. Great friendships. Great beginnings.

Collegian | Judith Shen 1986
16 MLC is a place where learning is fun. Students have opportunities to go to worlds they have never been.

Current student | Emma Claire Kirschner | Year 4
15 I like the sandpit at MLC because it is bigger than the whole world!

Current student | Charlotte Murray | Kindergarten
14 I value MLC’s commitment to inclusivity and social justice.

Staff member | Rebecca Rourke
13 I value the fact that all students at MLC accept differences with open arms.

Current student | Siena Isaacs | Year 7
12 I value how many leadership opportunities MLC has to offer.

Current student  |  Christine Bamford  |  Year 8
11 I value watching the next generation of scientists, strategists, IT experts, mothers, teachers, spiritual leaders etc. and knowing that our world is in terrific hands.

Collegian | Simone Janney 1990
10 I value the depth of talent, complex diversity and robust intellect of the people around me at MLC.

Staff member | Miya Maeda
9 I value the sisterhood and community spirit of the girls

Current student | Olivia Ferguson | Year 11
8 Creative thinking was encouraged and pursuit of a career in the Arts nurtured. Inspiration to be me blossomed at MLC.

Collegian | Kate Elsey 1986
7 I value the love of learning that drives the students and staff.

Staff member | Sophie Norris
6 MLC helped me to see my potential to make a positive difference in my world.

Collegian and staff member | Sam England (Lee) 1995
5 The thing I value the most at MLC is the opportunity to make heaps of new friends, both older and younger.

Current student | Bonnie Hyatt | Year 11
4 I am inspired every day by all things MLC.

Staff member | Vanessa Sewell
3 MLC is strength, support and overwhelming encouragement. It wraps its arms around you during an amazing learning journey and allows you to dream big.

Past parent | Jacqueline Gilchrist
2 You make friends for life at MLC.

Collegian | Fiona Alexander (Paterson) 1990
1 MLC learners give to the world their best.

Principal | Rebecca Cody